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A separate and extensive student exercise book has been written to accompany this textbook.

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A companion textbook entitled Study Units is now available to expand on key concepts of human nature, along with its own student exercise book.

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The History of Man:
The Pre-Civilization Period
(5,000,000 BC to 5,000 BC)

This 106-page illustrated textbook covers the pre-civilization period of man's existence, 5,000,000 BC to 5,000 BC, in chronological order as a fascinating and uplifting story of human progress. It demonstrates how man used his unique and powerful brain to rise above the animal world and give birth to civilization.

Man (qua hominid) has walked on our beautiful planet for about the last 5 million years. History textbooks focus primarily on the last 5 thousand years or so, the period after the birth of civilization when man began to write. However, an enormous amount of progress took place prior to the birth of civilization--tool-making, language development, division of labor, specialization, mass production of various goods, transportation, extensive trade, the rule of law, schools, farming--progress that made civilization possible. Although writing had not been invented for us to learn about such progress directly, a wealth of archeological evidence provides sufficient clues to piece together a remarkable story of man's early progress.

This book begins by explaining the value of studying history. Then, it briefly covers the geological period from the formation of our solar system to the evolution of man in chronological order, focusing on the evolution of the different species leading to man. The bulk of the book covers the period from the evolution of man to the birth of civilization in Mesopotamia, shortly after 5000 BC.

The material is presented inductively, illustrating how each step in progress logically followed from the previous step. Such a presentation teaches students to think logically. This book is written from a scientific and pro-human perspective, not from any religious or "political correctness" or anti-human bias that pervades modern culture. While acknowledging man's errors, it highlights and applauds man's remarkable progress.

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